Vino Superiore


About Us

aboutFor Vino Superiore founders, Italian wine is more than a passion; it’s a way of life. For years, the Cuciniello family has perfected the art of home winemaking in Italy and abroad and has endlessly sought to perfect their winemaking techniques to capture true “terroir”. In the early 2000’s, they realized that few could match the quality of “Italian born” grapes and equipment. This began their challenge to bring the fine Italian terroir to other countries in an effort to offer an opportunity for the biggest winery to the smallest home vintner to make amazing wines. Through deep rooted relationships across Italy taken together with their scientific knowledge, Vino Superiore was born. The team at Vino Superiore painstakingly chose the collection of grapes and equipment that is available worldwide today.

Why wait for the harvest, make wine all year long with Vino Superiore professional Italian winemaking products.

Authentic Italian Wines

There are countless variations of wines that you can create with Vino Superiore. Use your creativity to craft an original wine through various blends and co-fermentations. Or you can try one of the options below:

  • Single Varietal Wines
  • Multiple Varietal Blends
  • Traditional Chianti
  • Modern Chianti
  • Super Tuscan Blends
  • Barbera Superiore
  • Barbera d’Alba
  • Nebbiolo d’Alba
  • Chianti Superiore
  • Moscato d’Asti
  • Brunello and Barolo Style Wines
  • Bordeaux Blends