Vino Superiore

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Ultra Premium Frozen Grapes

Make your cellar an authentic Italian Castello with Vino Superiore grapes from world-renowned Italian vineyards. Each varietal is nurtured to its fullest flavor and color according to strict regulatory standards, then picked by our commercially-certified enologist at his discretion of peak ripeness.

  • Sangiovese

    Indigenous to Tuscany, Sangiovese is the most widely planted red grape in Italy, and the dominant varietal in Chianti and Super Tuscans. The flavor profile of our Sangiovese is a deep ruby color with garnet hues; elegant bouquet of leather, black cherries/ dried cherries, plums, berries and flowers (violets). It tends to be elegant on the palette, including Read more...

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  • Trebbiano

    Traditional white grape used in small quantities in traditional Chianti blends. Our grape is a reasonably intense straw yellow color and naturally higher in acidity which allows it to produce a bouquet of citrus, fruits, nuts. It is fresh with fruity flavors on the palette and backed by minerals giving the wine separate or in a blend complexity and body.

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  • Colorino

    Colorino means “colored” in Italian. It is very dark red grape and is native to Tuscany. This varietal is used mostly in traditional Chianti blends as well as other varietal blends and lives up to its name. Our grape has and extremely intense ruby color. It is rich and spicy in bouquet and can be reminiscent of licorice, cinnamon & black pepper. The palate is silky, structured Read more...

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  • Cabernet Sauvignon

    A black varietal that initially earned notoriety and controversy as a component in the well-known Super Tuscan Blends. This varietal can be fermented alone or blended with Sangiovese and other varietals to produce as well as Super Tuscan blends with significant power, depth and complexity. Our grape is very dark and intense in color. It is characterized by ripe Read more...

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  • Merlot

    Italian merlot is a traditional grape that is used as a stand-alone varietal in the fermenter, or juxtaposed to Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese in many Super Tuscan blends. Our merlot grape offers ripe, fruity aromas, complex flavors ranging from rich plum to black cherries, and a well-structured body which adds complexity and soft tannins to any blend.

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  • Moscato

    Also known as Moscato Bianco, and is one of the oldest and most highly valued varietals in the Muscat family. This small berried white varietal is used to make the Italian Sparking Wines Asti and Moscato d’Asti. Our Moscato grape offers crisp, elegant floral aromas, as well as peach and apricot flavors. The acidity of the grape allows for a well-balanced Read more...

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  • Barbera

    Barbera is the third most planted red grape in Italy. It is known for its low tannins and high acidity. While it can be used for blending, Barbera is excellent as a single varietal wine. The soil of Piemonte gives the Barbera grapes excellent structure, both vibrant and rich. Our grape is intense in color and characterized by flavors and aromas of cherry, raspberry, Read more...

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  • Nebbiolo

    This world-renowned grape is famous for the tar and roses scent that is characteristic of Barolo wines. Nebbiolo is extremely sensitive to terrior – and we have sourced our grapes right from the heart of Alba in Piemonte. Yes, that means you can use these black-skinned grapes to make your own powerful and intense Barolo style wine. Read more...

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  • Petite Verdot

    The Petite Verdot grape has small berries with violet-black, inky skins, which are characteristic of the varietal. The small berries means that there is a high ratio of skin and seeds to juice, which leads to a high tannin level. This grape is most commonly used to increase complexity of a wine through its contribution of tannin, color and favor to a blend. Read more...

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